Visit to the “Coup de Pouce” club

Visit of the 2 Coup de Pouce CLÉ clubs at the Marcel Pagnol school

December 15, 2020 was the occasion to visit the Coup de Pouce clubs of Marcel Pagnol elementary school. Cannes School which is, to date, the only one to have two Coup de Pouce clubs (in total, 4 clubs take place in Cannes, and 2 new ones will appear in January 2021).

What is a Coup de Pouce Clé (Reading – Writing) club? It is a special moment, shared between a facilitator and 5 first-grade children identified by their teachers, whose learning in reading and writing must be further encouraged and supported to allow them to develop to their full potential. 3 times a week, after lessons at 4.30 p.m., these children, through playful activities, discover or rediscover the pleasure and desire to read or write. It is also an opportunity for them to take activities to do at home. Parents are thus embarked on this adventure and can also follow and support their children in their schooling in a different way.

The Cannes Foundation has supported these initiatives for several years now. This financial assistance will make it possible, in January 2021, to launch two new Coup de Pouce clubs, CLA (language) this time, intended to strengthen the mastery of the spoken language in kindergarten, at Maurice Alice and René Goscinny schools.


t Marcel Pagnol, the trees melt into the central space, a peaceful climate emerges at the end of the school day and yet the day is not over. Homework help has been a common practice for a long time, but if you observe closely, two small groups of 5 students go to different classrooms. Homework does not seem to be their primary concern. The only words they have in the mouth: “afternoon snack”. The host of this Coup de Pouce club, Mounira, invites us in.

From the moment you walk into the room, you realize that this is no longer the school itself. One takes out the snack,, homemade or bought, put it everywhere, but nothing serious as long as the table is cleaned after having finished it. One discuss the day, the snack, the pencil case. Then comes the distribution of notebooks, individually wrapped in plastic bags – yes, let’s not forget, 2020 is synonymous with barrier measures and health risk.

Couloir école Pagnol

Activities then follow, writing today’s date, discovering the word “Puppet”, first writing it, then its discovering its meaning, and even its demonstration with a small puppet dragon – which personally would have made me hide under my table but which seems to inspire children. Now is the time for us to go upstairs to visit the second Coup de Pouce club. It was the REP coordinator and Coup de Pouce pilot, Brigitte, who invited me and whom I am accompanying. I follow her and meet Patricia, the second facilitator. Patricia is the face of the granny, forcing respect and inspiring confidence, who creates a warm, almost family atmosphere. Same activities as the previous group, but different reactions: the difficulties of each other are disparate. Shyness, difficulty of understanding, other writing … What binds them? The climate of trust that allows them to express themselves in safety, without judgment, or direct connection to the teachers in the school who are grading them.

Our visit ends there. A final exchange with the school principal, who praises the merits of the clubs and the successes of the children thanks to these moments which give them self-confidence. The little extra that allows them to get started. The helping hand they needed to be sure of themselves, to have more fun in their schooling, and to progress.

Club Coup de Pouce Pagnol
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Club Coup de Pouce Pagnol enfants
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