Meeting with Parcours de Femmes

Meeting with Parcours de Femmes

The start of 2021 was marked by a meeting between the Cannes Foundation and Parcours de Femmes in the Frayère district. Parcours de Femmes is a charity in Cannes, supported by its president, Nicole Raye, its employees, volunteers, and its new director, Céline Mathian.

Parcours de Femmes has been working for 25 years to fight domestic and intra-family violence, to help social and professional integration, to support and guide people in difficulty.

Considerable work is carried out every day around individualized support, discussion groups, support for children exposed and victims of domestic violence, support in access to employment, in the upgrading of self-esteem, in health and diet, or in the management of daily life with support for parenthood.

For several years, the Cannes Foundation has supported the charity in its projects, which are becoming increasingly vital, especially during these periods of confinement and economic difficulty.


lthough well known, the charity is not that easy to find on the street. This will be one of the challenges that the manager will share with me a bit later : finding new premises. Public welcoming had to be limited, and above all, adapted due to sanitary restrictions. The offices, usually used for one-to-one appointments, are empty: too small to ensure sufficient social distancing. The appointments have to take place elsewhere, and the team therefore has to reduce the number of people received … And unfortunately, this does not necessarily correspond to the demand, which does not decrease during those complicated times.

After the visit of the premises, it’s time to meet the team – but it is quickly done: the usual team is quite big, but a lot of them had to telework, due to current circumstances. I am nevertheless surprised of the number of people involved in those projects. And it will not be my last surprise of this visit. When it comes time to present actions and projects, my brain almost has trouble analyzing all the information and understanding the scale of the many (very many) actions managed by Parcours de Femmes.

parcours de femmes

The first subject that emerges is the fight against domestic violence … but also intrafamily, although we hear little about it in the media. But beyond this fight and the support of these people, various workshops are offered. Self-esteem enhancement workshops, parenting support. A solidarity cooking workshop has been set up, a vegetable garden also enables to be acquire skills, while bringing good local products home (without forgetting that the lack of a canteen weighs on the budget of many families). And the team is not short of ideas to continue to improve the situation: sports workshops, well-being, beehives or even a henhouse, ideas are swarming.

Ideas are swarming, of course, but this visit reminded me that all these actions exist to meet an unfortunately very concrete need, and which potentially, could grow and be even more marked in the months to come with the consequences of confinements, curfew, and economic stagnation.

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Link to the project description : click here.

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