Voting session for the First Readings Prize – Coup de Pouce

visit of the Coup de Pouce clubs at St-EXUPéry and Mistral schools for the voting session of the “prix des premières lectures”

The First Readings Prize: a special moment for the children of the Cannes Coup de Pouce Clé clubs and their families. An annual ritual not to be missed!

There are 6 Coup de Pouce clubs in Cannes, including 4 Clé (reading / writing) and 2 CLA (language), all entirely financed by the Cannes Foundation. The Clé clubs, in Pagnol, St Exupéry and Mistral, have experienced a special event in recent weeks: the voting session for the First Readings Prize (“Prix des Premières Lectures” in French – PPL). What is it?

Already distinguished by the French Academy, the « Prix des Premières Lectures », organized by the Coup de Pouce charity since 2007, takes place within the framework of Coup de Pouce CLÉ (Reading and Writing Clubs), in Cannes, but also in 250 French cities. In Cannes, therefore, 20 children and their families participate in this « PPL ». Detected in a fragile school situation by their teachers at the start of the school year, schoolers are helped during extra-curricular time. Through activities designed specifically for the Prize, children will discover four books of children’s literature over four weeks, before voting for their favorite. In a fun and educational way, the Prize helps to develop this taste for reading.

It brings children together around concrete, motivating and unifying national action, involving their parents. The trophy is given to the author and illustrator of the winning book, during an official ceremony. Each child of the Clé clubs is also given a copy of the winning book… See you in June for the next step of the PPL!


irst visit for me to these schools and Coup de Pouce clubs in St Exupéry and Mistral. So I meet Isa first, in St Exupéry: a little anxious at the idea of ​​doing her first PPL vote, she nevertheless leads this session brilliantly! Since February, children have been able to discover four literary works, through their reading of course, but also through playful activities, parallels with their daily lives, debates and much more. But today, April 29, 2021, it’s time to vote! While the parents and families of the children are usually invited for this special moment, in 2021, it is in a small committee that the session will take place. Health circumstances require it.

During this session, children, after a snack of course, can debate, argue, explain what they liked, preferred, in a particular book. But it’s also an opportunity to discover how a “literary prize” or simply a vote takes place. Identity control, voting in a separate room, possibility of “blank vote”, signing,… More than reading, it is also a civic act that they learn there – all in a fun way .

Vote PPL

At Mistral, same process, but different urn … I am surprised to see the concentration of the children and their desire to read: it’s the reading rush! But of course, no jealousy, everyone will read. Even more astonishing: the session ends, and the children are disappointed not to have a club the next day, they will have to wait until Monday… This enthusiasm is pleasing to see, comforting to know that the Foundation, its sponsors and donors, fund useful and appreciated projects.

Our visit is almost over – the time for the facilitator, Zeena for Mistral, and the director of the school, to support what had been said in St Exupéry: the Coup de Pouce clubs are precious, the children are delighted to come there, progress is evident during the year, in terms of skills as well as concentration or openness to others. In short, Coup de Pouce clubs must continue … notice to donors and patrons who would like to support this project!

See you in June for the results of the PPL vote, with the end of year ceremony!

Prix des Premières lectures
Prix des Premières lectures
Prix des Premières lectures
Prix des Premières lectures
Prix des Premières lectures
Prix des Premières lectures
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