New partners: Cannes taxis

Cannes taxis get involved with the foundation

Sponsorship and partnership of Cannes taxis in favor of the Cannes Foundation

July 02, 2021. From right to left, Mr. Cima – City of Cannes, Mrs. Courtade – Cannes Foundation, Mr. Taricco – City of Cannes and Taxi Training, Mr. Ciarapica – President of the Cannes Taxi Union, met today to symbolize this new partnership between Cannes taxis and the Cannes Foundation.

Cannes taxis, which operate throughout the year, serving their customers, both local and international, get involved whenever possible for the benefit of local human and charitable causes. Major local stakeholders, they are now involved alongside the Cannes Foundation.

Their financial contribution obviously feeds the Foundation’s activity in its support for projects of general interest in the fight against exclusion in the Cannes basin. But they are also committed as partners, by offering the Foundation the opportunity to gain visibility, by making their vehicles available to display information that highlights the Foundation’s work.

A big thank you to them.

To meet them, thank them or simply admire the small posters, don’t hesitate to book through their app, or their phone number:

  • To book, simply scan the QR code below.
  • Otherwise, there is only one number to call, the:

eeting these women and men who work day and night in the service of their customers. You might not know it (as I did), but there are three different structures: the union, the cooperative, and the taxi training school. Three different structures, and yet the same response to the Cannes Foundation. I nevertheless asked them the question: should I identify the different structures, highlighting each of them? Same feedback from each of my interlocutors: they all represent the same profession, all are committed alongside the Cannes Foundation. No need to distinguish. Cannes taxis are engaged. Because beyond business, there is a desire to be alongside those in need, there is a desire to participate in the harmonious development of the Cannes area in which they live and work.

So yes, like everyone else, they experienced professional difficulties with the different phases of confinement. Nevertheless, they are putting their hands up, even in 2021.

If the Cannes Foundation continues to support these projects of general interest, it is thanks to our administrators, sponsors and partners who now include the professional taxi community. So thank you to them, to those I have met: Christophe, Philippe, Carine, Christian, Benoît, Eric and many other more.

If you too want to support our action, you can make a donation HERE.
Link to the partners page: click here.

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