AS Cannes Football Summer training weeks – 2021

An immersive day in the courses offered by the AS Cannes Football club and the Cannes Foundation for the benefit of children who do not go on vacation in the summer

Immersion in the July team within the first week of the internship

From July 5 to 9, the first week of AS Cannes Foot training was held.
What training are we talking about?
This is a project led by the AS Cannes Football club and supported by the Cannes Foundation. The check of 11,450 €, handed over by Mr. Frank Chikli to Mrs. Anny Courtade, president of the club, reflects the importance of this project.

A total of two weeks of internship are offered to around a hundred children from the Cannes region, who do not have the opportunity to go on vacation in the summer.
Internships at reduced prices or even free, depending on the situation of the family home, which promote sport and its virtues and thus promote the development of these young Cannes residents, in the continuity of actions already undertaken on the subject by the City of Cannes and under the leadership of Mr. David Lisnard.

Aged from 6 to 14, these children are taken care of for a week to follow football training with a welcome from 8 am in the morning and until 5 pm.

July 7 is a special day: on the program, football, technical workshops, but also quizzes throughout the day related to environmental issues, and even a beach cleaning session.

A beautiful day that fully sums up the interest in supporting such actions:

  • Football, as a physical, fun activity necessary for the good health of these children
  • The values ​​of sport: a project that promotes civic behavior, which highlights the values ​​of fraternity, respect, diversity, tolerance or even collective and team spirit
  • Awareness of environmental protection: playful quizzes, which allow these children to both reflect, discuss with each other to find the right answer, and learn. All of this coupled with a beach cleaning session: beyond cleaning, it is about making them aware of what surrounds them.

uly 7, 2021. I am about to spend part of my day at the AS Cannes Football club. I discover the Maurice Chevalier stadium, from which emanates a distant hubbub … but a well-ordered hubbub: the children, of exemplary discipline, are attentive and do not hesitate to settle into perfect silence when their president , Mrs. Anny Courtade, arrives to visit.

But at that point, it’s only me who shows up. I then have a happy meeting with all the facilitators of the course. Gérald, coordinator and point of contact, takes me under his wing.

The day begins: warm-up and technical workshops.

Very far from football, I nevertheless find myself enjoying watching them, and almost envying them for not having played football at their age. However, we must recognize the enthusiasm and pleasure that these young Cannes residents take in learning this discipline, both technical and physical.

Gérald then sits down on a table in the middle of the field: each group of children turns around the different workshops. Once the team has finished and passed its workshop, they should go to see Gérald and answer his questions before they get down to the next exercise.

Team quiz: what percentage are there oceans and seas on Earth? How long does it take for a bottle to decompose in nature? These questions allow each group to express their opinion, discuss, compare their thoughts, and finally learn concepts related to the environment, their environment.

A visit to the beaches of BoccaCabana Cannes follows: equipped with garbage bags, gloves and precise instructions, off they go in search of waste … And these little citizens do not go unnoticed! Many passers-by congratulate the initiative and ask us where these children come from. Lots of positive messages, and approving looks.

Beyond cleaning and collecting waste, the objective is to confront them with their environment, to make them aware of the impact of individual behavior, and to initiate them into small daily civic actions.

The courses lasted all week, the children being taken care of from morning to night. A week just like the day I spent: enriching.

The animators, supervisors, as well as the children breathe the joy of participating in this project. A real moment of sharing and fulfillment.

If you too want to support this action, you can make a donation HERE.
Link to the project description: click here.

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