Check presentation for the opening of a digital museum

A great partnership and a check presentation of 12,000€ on this day of September 2, 2021 on Ste Marguerite island

Cannes Is Up partnership & Micro Folie check presentation

Does the DDA mean anything to you? This is the flagship event of the local association Cannes Is Up, created in 2018 and 4th pillar of the French Tech Côte d’Azur alongside the territories of Sophia Antipolis, Grasse and Nice.
The 4th edition of the DDA, meaning “Disconnect, Relax, Have fun”, took place on September 2 at the Ste Marguerite island, marked by the presence of many local partners, and a unique collaboration with the Cannes Foundation

This event was an opportunity for the organizing association to raise funds: €2,000 in all, donated to the Cannes Foundation at the end of the day. The Cannes Foundation was able to provide a global check of € 12,000 so that the Micro Folie project could see the light of day.

A partnership which has made it possible to raise awareness among entrepreneurs, large groups and various local actors to the action of the Cannes Foundation and which reflects the territorial dynamics of Cannes Is Up, anchored in the local area and in favor of a harmonious development of the Cannes basin.

The Cannes Foundation, committed to the fight against exclusion in the Cannes basin, has chosen in particular to support the Micro Folie of the Logis des Jeunes de Provence Mimont: a project that answers both the question of the digital divide and the access to culture to as many people as possible.


tart ups, entrepreneurs, investors, business angels, decision makers. All are there on this special day of the DDA. Quite lost in this world far removed from that of my daily life, I find myself there however through the presence of many other local partners: honey, pili nuts, or even pastries, champagne and business support services. Diversity, exchanges, conviviality, these are the key words of this day.

Once I got off the trans côte d’azur shuttle, where I got to know Angélique, who manages a VTC company and is looking for local carbon compensation solutions, which the Fonds de Dotation Cannes will be able to provide her very soon, direction coffee. We cannot say it enough, the island’s coffee is particularly tasty (we advise you to go there, disembarking the shuttle, on your left!). Past coffee break, direction the Fort. Controlled health pass, direction the Cannes Foundation stand.

And so begin the many discussions, pitches around the Foundation, the CSR axes of such and such a company or the willingness of this gentleman to give his time to help. I also find the Cannes Volunteers there, which the Fonds de Dotation financially supports annually. In short, a lot of discussions.

Throughout the day, the participants were able to discover many activities, on land as at sea and among them, a raffle. A Cannes Is Up raffle to support the Foundation in its check presentation to the Logis des Jeunes de Provence, which will allow the opening of a digital museum in 2022. € 2,000 in all are then donated to the Foundation. And it is a check of € 12,000 that Mrs. Anny Courtade and Mrs. Apolline Crapiz, both administrators of the Foundation, give to Mrs Monique Mabilot Gras (President of the Logis), and Mrs Pascale Leyrat (Director). Feminine, inspiring speeches calling for local solidarity, just before the rest of the speeches and a barbecue evening under the sign of good humor, and always, always, sharing.

If you too want to support this action, you can make a donation HERE.
Link to the project description: click here.

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