“Nautical professions and local heritage: here we come” with Cannes Jeunesse

Day at sea with Cannes Jeunesse and check presentation for the  “nautical professions & local heritage, here we come” project

A project led by Cannes Jeunesse, in partnership with the Local Mission, the PLIE, the UFCM and the Social Center of the Frayère.

On October 10, Cannes Jeunesse organized the “Nautical professions & Local heritage, here we come” day, destined to around forty young Cannes residents far from employment, in collaboration with a multitude of partners (local mission, PLIE, UFCM , Center Social de la Frayère), and co-funded by the Cannes Foundation.

A day of discovery of sailing, local heritage, nautical professions, but also a day full of discussions and social links: a success on all fronts!

This is why everyone must support the Foundation, make a donation for these projects with a strong local impact in Cannes: to allow these projects to exist, to allow them to grow.


rey. The sky is grey on October 10. The appointment is given at 9 am, a reasonable time you will say, yes but it is Sunday! As much to say to you that the participants who will be present are really motivated to attend this day and to go on the water under this gray sky. To motivate all of our 40 participants, breakfast is served. Fleeting glances, or even riveted on the screen of the cell phone … We are far from group cohesion but it is also necessary to understand that each partner has independently identified a dozen beneficiaries and that there is therefore not necessarily link between these Cannes residents … For the moment at least.
PLIE, Local Mission, UFCM, Social Center, all the groups have arrived. After a little speech and some pains au chocolat eaten, off we went. Starting point: life jackets. Beyond the regulatory obligation, the life jacket is essential: some participants have never been on a sailboat.
I board a zodiac with Jamal and watch them get ready from afar. The captains are not there to take tourists on a cruise: they take the time to explain to future sailors the mechanisms, the points of vigilance and everything there is to know to learn to maneuver a sailboat. Here they are then gone. It is still grey, of course, but the sea is beautiful. Whatever the boat, the teams participate, maneuver, discuss, laugh, have a good time.
Then head for lunch at Bateguier. While the buffet is being prepared, Iva, cultural mediator, captures the attention of the participants and tells them the history of the islands, the Iron Mask, all the most delicious details hidden in the local Cannes heritage.

Lunch, a moment often greatly appreciated by all, is a reflection of the day: friendly and consistent with the process. The two people who accompany us to prepare the buffet were hired through the Initiatives Emploi structure, an association in the Cannes area promoting integration through economic activity. Lunch over, time to listen and talk!

Jacques, Marc, Jeff, each boating professional – also skippers on this day – present their jobs, their backgrounds, the difficulties encountered, the disappointments, the successes. A strong moment, sometimes touching, also enriching, to give confidence in these young Cannes residents, to assure them that they can become what they wish, that they have a role in this society, whatever their character, their interests or their personality. Dare, believe in it and get involved.

A short trip will allow them to get back on board and on the water, then head for the Mouré Rouge. For a snack. Well, for the speeches, the check presentation, then the snack. The looks are no longer fleeting, some even start to taste the snack in advance. Smiles can be seen on all faces. Smiles and knowing looks. Grateful.

The speeches allow us to thank all the stakeholders, the volunteers but also the participants. The € 3,700 check presentation from the Foundation to Cannes Jeunesse and the group photo close this beautiful day, animated by Jamal, Gaby, and their communicative good humor!

And we add a thank you to the members of the From The Bay team, who got involved – and got wet, really, to cover this day with beautiful images!

If you too want to support this action, you can make a donation HERE.
Link to the project description: click here.

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