Check presentation – Coup de Pouce clubs 2021/2022

The Coup de Pouce project: an essential action for all partners

A lot of partners for a common cause

On Friday, October 15, 2021, the Cannes Foundation handed over a check (€ 27,000) to the FOLAM Education League to renew and fund the 6 Coup de Pouce clubs in Cannes for 2021-2022. All the partners (Cannes Foundation, City of Cannes, National Education, Education League, Association Coup de Pouce) took the opportunity to say a word on the « lecture, great national cause for 2021-2022″ decreed by the President of the Republic.

There are 6 Coup de Pouce clubs in Cannes, including 4 Clé (reading / writing) and 2 CLA (language), all entirely funded by the Cannes Foundation. In Cannes, therefore, 20 children and their families benefit from it. Detected in a fragile school situation by their teachers at the start of the school year, students are helped during after-school time.

  • The Coup de Pouce Clé clubs (reading and writing club) for first-grade children.

Le Coup de Pouce Clé is an action to prevent early failure aimed at children in Preparatory Classes identified as fragile by their teachers: it is about promoting, in addition to the school, help to homework and families, the successful entry into reading and writing during this crucial year.

The clubs take place in the school from 4.30 p.m. to 6 p.m. (3 weekly sessions from November to June) and bring together 5 children and 1 facilitator for playful and varied reading-writing activities that influence several success factors in CP (contact with books and read it write, shared pleasure, self-esteem, motivation). The clubs also participate during the year in the “Coup de Pouce Prize for First Readings” which allows children to discover 4 children’s books and vote for their favorite book.

Parents are partners of the clubs and are invited to carry out a series of small, effective actions throughout the year to support their child in his learning.

In fact, every year, teachers find that the Coup de Pouce Clé has a positive effect on children’s relationship to writing and school, as well as on their parents’ commitment to them.

In Cannes, there are 4 Coup de Pouce Clé clubs (2 at the Pagnol school, 1 at the Mistral school, 1 at the Saint Exupéry school). These schools were targeted by the City and the National Education because they no longer benefit from the priority education zoning since 2015,

  • The Coup de Pouce Cla clubs (language club) in the Kindergarten section.

Little brothers of the Coup de Pouce Clé, the Cla clubs are aimed at children in the Kindergarten section (identified by teachers) for fun and varied language activities promoting their expression and their future success in order to enter reading and writing at CP.

Carried out in the school, they bring together 5 children from Grande Section and 1 animator (3 weekly sessions from January to June from 4.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.). Here too, families are invited to support their child alongside the club and the school.

In Cannes there are 2 Coup de Pouce Cla clubs (1 club at René Goscinny nursery school, 1 club at Maurice Alice nursery school).

The guests :

  • National education: Martine Lefevre inspector of national education and Brigitte Dambre coordinator of the priority education network.
  • City of Cannes: Frank Chikli, representing the Mayor, Béatrice Gibelin representing Joëlle Arini, deputy in charge of education, public instruction and early childhood, Angélique Jouët-Pastré director of education.
  • Cannes Foundation: José Moreno, President.
  • Local 06 Teaching League: Philippe Lucas, General Delegate.
  • Coup de Pouce Association: Nicolas Marsi, regional delegate.
  • Children of the Pagnol school clubs, accompanied by the teachers and facilitators, as well as the director of the Marcel Pagnol school group, Kevin Basilien.

he Coup de Pouce project: we talk about it again and again with the Foundation. Because this is a primordial project. Because this is the main project supported and even globally carried by the Cannes Foundation. Give donations to help future generations to be able to follow their schooling properly, to start their life well in the Cannes area, that is the challenge of this process. The Coup de Pouce initiative is a significant mobilization of funds, private donations, which complement a lack of resources in the overall education system. This is a complementary initiative to Education, to homework help: a complementary but necessary initiative. Coup de Pouce is an incredible opportunity for these children and their parents to benefit from the privileged support of a facilitator three times a week. An initiative that was born and continues to live on thanks to our administrators (City of Cannes, E.Leclerc Ranguin, Mrs. Anny Courtade, Mr. Claude Muller, the Caisse d’Epargne Côte d’Azur, the Société d’Economie Mixte for Cannes Events, Thales Alenia Space) and the private funds they provide annually, and thanks to all the other sponsors and donors.

If you too want to support this action, you can make a donation HERE.
Link to the project description: click here.

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