The Child, The olive tree and the Mediterranean – An action carried out by « l’atelier du 06 »

Reconnect with the local natural heritage: the discovery of the olive tree

An inclusive project with a social, educational and environmental aim, which follows the seasons

On Tuesday, November 9, 2021, the ceremony for the presentation of a check (3,000 €) by the Fondation Cannes at the Atelier du 06 took place, on the occasion of a collection of olives by participants of the project “the Child, the Olive Tree and the Mediterranean “.

Thanks to this budget, 100 elementary students and 15 Cannes college students will be able to participate in this project built around the olive tree

  • Discovery of the olive tree (observation of trees, educational interventions, preparation of collections)
  • Collection of olives (and transport to the mill in Grasse, preparation of labels for the bottles, etc.)
  • Taste workshop (nutritional and dietetic concepts, etc.)

A project which also makes it possible to offer these families local olive oil, resulting from these workshops which encourage young Cannes residents to discover or reconnect with the local heritage and which make them aware of how to take care of their environment.

Beyond the inclusive and educational project, the Foundation’s € 3,000 will also allow the planting of 12 new olive trees: a great action in favor of a greener environment and a promotion of the local natural heritage!

We let you discover the intervention of Marc Wislez in the program “the guest who acts in favor of the planet”! A big thank you to Grégory and the entire France Bleu Azur team for highlighting this project.

If you too want to support this action, you can make a donation here.
Link to the project description: click here.

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