Check presentation to CJPACA

5000€ to support the « micro-projects » initiative

Micro-projects as a tool for social education: local actions aimed at young Cannes residents from priority areas of the city

On Saturday, November 27, 2021, the ceremony for the handing over of a check (€ 5,000) by the Cannes Foundation to the Chantiers de Jeunes PACA association, was held at the Plage du Festival.

An operation which made it possible, thanks to La Plage du Festival, to invite the young beneficiaries of the project to come and attend the check presentation, with a small friendly buffet.

The project, which allows 35 young Cannes residents (aged 13 to 17) from priority neighborhoods to finance personal micro-projects through workshops to renovate local heritage sites or to preserve the environment, is historic: the involvement in these projects is sometimes passed on from generation to generation.

In 2022, 5 micro-projects were identified by the 35 beneficiaries of the action:

  • Deen Burbigo concert in Marseille: attend a concert (sometimes the first of their lives) and participate in an evening with friends, outside the family setting;
  • Europa league football match Marseille / Lokomotiv Moscow (Marseille): attend a real European football match at a lower cost, discover the Vélodrome stadium and its atmosphere, meet the players, visit Marseille, the old port and the creeks;
  • ski weekend at La Colmiane / ski weekend at Allos: take part in a weekend outside Cannes with friends, discover the mountains and winter sports, learn to ski;
  • discovery week in Paris: visit the capital, discover French cultural heritage, spend a week outside Cannes with friends, go shopping and have fun.

All the micro-projects have been built and budgeted by the young people themselves: a rewarding system that allows them to get involved at the local level, to acquire new skills, while self-financing projects that are important to them and that they could not have achieved otherwise. Just for the anecdote…We well noticed the sparkling looks of some when Ms. Anny Courtade mentioned being President of AS Cannes Football …

If you too want to support this action, you can make a donation here.
Link to the project description: click here.

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