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ClassiQuizz project, by the Cannes Orchestra

Rehearsals and classiquizz final concert

A project for 13 young Cannes residents to introduce them to the world of the Orchestra and classical music

On December 5, 2021, the ClassiQuizz concert took place at the Arlucs auditorium: final note of a project carried out by the Cannes Orchestra and financially supported by the Cannes Foundation.

The principle? 11 extracts, 16 sessions, 42 hours to introduce symphonic music to 13 students in 2nd year of the Bac pro commerce from the “Faculté des métiers” in Cannes. The objective is to allow them to appropriate the 11 extracts in a fun way but nevertheless by organizing some work, listening and participating in the production of a common sound with a symphony orchestra. The high school students, divided into three groups, were able to learn to play on cans, djembes or small percussion instruments and had the opportunity to take part in the concert on stage, in the middle of the Cannes Orchestra.

A project aimed at young Cannes residents far from classical music, which allowed them to put a foot into the world of the Orchestra.


Sunday December 5. 3 p.m. Little by little, the public takes their places in the Arlucs auditorium. Having followed the project for a few months, I look forward to this moment: the ClassiQuizz final concert. It is with impatience and even a little anxiety that I enter the room. I meet Sandrine Deschamps who took charge of the project, Iannick Marcesche, who takes care of communication, Anny Courtade, both President of the Orchestra and founding administrator of the Cannes Foundation, and then finally , the students: all anxious, watching the room gradually fill up.

The concert then begins: the first part being led by the Cannes Orchestra, with Valérie Bautz on piano and Philippe Bicolt on percussions. The first half hour ends and gives way to the second part of the concert, still conducted by Benjamin Lévy and the Cannes Orchestra, but this time accompanied by all the students who have followed the project. Here we go for 30 minutes of music, sometimes bursts of laughter, and a lot of emotions.

11 musical excerpts are played: from Richard Strauss with Thus Spoke Zarathustra, to Dukas, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, via Ravel’s Bolero. All brilliantly performed both by the Cannes Orchestra and by these students, who are novices in music.
The concert ends with standing ovations: the project certainly opened doors for these high school students, but it is undeniable that they aroused a wave of emotions in the audience. A rich musical exchange made possible by this beautiful ClassiQuizz project.

Because ClassiQuizz is not just a concert, it includes also 16 sessions and 42 hours of percussion workshops led by Philippe Biclot, solo percussionist of the Nice Philharmonic Orchestra, and Etienne-Loïck Fauré, professor at the conservatory de Grasse, both animators of the Ca Percute association, and supervised by Sandrine Deschamps, from the Cannes Orchestra. Reluctant at first, strangers to classical music, sometimes strangers to instruments and music quite simply, the 13 high school students have finally adapted, interested and motivated to carry out the project. A real group cohesion has developed, with a common denominator: this desire to learn how to play percussion together to allow this concert to see the light of day.

In the end, what is ClassiQuizz? Young Cannes residents completely removed from this world, a few percussion workshops, moments of exchange, a lot of motivation, involvement and goodwill, and finally, a successful concert, translating a strong exchange moment with the public and reflecting the pride of these students to have completed this project.

If you too want to support this action, you can make a donation here.
Link to the project description: click here.

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