Closing of the “one class, one work”, led by the Cannes National Orchestra

Check presentation for “classiquizz” and “a class a work” projects / 2021-2022 year

€10,000 to accompany the first steps of these children and young people from Cannes into the world of the orchestra and symphonic music!

February 24, 2022. The Cannes Foundation presented a check for €10,000 to the Cannes National Orchestra to support two inclusive and educational projects enabling a CM2 class at Bocca Parc primary school and high school students in Bac Pro Commerce 2e year of the “Faculté des métiers”– Hotel School of Cannes, to discover symphonic music. These initiatives are part of the Artistic and Cultural Education program launched by David Lisnard in 2017, which aims to provide each child with at least one cultural action during their school year in Cannes.

“A class, a work” is the encounter with the symphonic music of a primary school class in Cannes, sponsored by the Cannes national Orchestra. The goddaughter class (CM2 of the Marcel Pagnol school) developed throughout the school year an artistic and cultural education project around a contemporary work “Standing against Infinity”. The students, during these few months, had the opportunity to:

  • know the functioning of an orchestra in all its components (administration, production, library, communication);
  • discover the professions of communication thanks to the “invitation to the concert” workshops;
  • understand the professions of conductor and musician by attending rehearsals;
  • apprehend the process of musical creation in contact with the composer.

Each month, an exchange was organized with the class so that the pupils could appropriate the work and carry out the mediation which they then presented to the public on the day of the concert. Between September 30, 2021 and February 24, the children attended 9 sessions:

  • Meeting with the musicians of the Orchestra;
  • Meeting with Benjamin Levy;
  • Meeting with the staff of the Orchestra (librarian, management, communication officer);
  • Workshop making invitations;
  • Meeting with the composer, Jacques Lenot (sharing his career, job, creative process,…);
  • Workshop listing and sending of invitations;
  • Meeting with the Orchestra and rehearsal of the concert in immersion: the children were able to attend the rehearsal next to each musician, for a unique experience;
  • Listening to the work and discussions;
  • Reception of the public and mediation before the concert, then final concert.

As a reminder, the Foundation, with its donation of €10,000, also supported the “ClassiQuizz” project: 11 excerpts, 16 sessions, 42 hours to introduce 13 high school students to symphonic music. The objective was to allow them to appropriate the 11 excerpts in a playful way, while working on the production of a common sound with a symphony orchestra. For several months, the high school students, divided into three groups, learned to play drums, djembes or even small percussion instruments and took part in a concert alongside professional musicians from the Cannes national Orchestra on December 5th.


t is 6 p.m.: the children begin to welcome the public. Others take care of presenting the mediation, some control the tickets while the last hand out the invitations or the programs.

Everything is organized and carefully managed. Before the concert begins, some speeches are made by Mr. Jean-Marie Blanchard, Director of the National Orchestra of Cannes, Mr. Frank Chikli, Vice-President of the Cannes Foundation, as well as Mrs. Joëlle Arini, Deputy Mayor of Cannes notably in charge of education. Speeches ends with the presentation of a check from the Cannes Foundation to the Orchestra. There follows a nice photo with all the children, the speakers, with, among others, Mr. Forafo, teacher of the CM2 class, Mrs. Anny Courtade, President of the Orchestra, Mr. Jacques Lenot, composer (work “Debout contre l’Infini”) or Mrs. Sandrine Deschamps, administrative, financial and EAC manager of the National Orchestra of Cannes.

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