Support to the Parcours de Femmes association for the “Self-esteem” project

Check presentation of €4,700 to support an inclusive project , accompanying 12 women and mothers in difficulty

The check presentation ceremony was organized on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, highlighting the work carried out by the association around the support of women victims of domestic violence but also of any person in a difficult situation.

“Self-esteem”: support as the key to initiating change

For more than 25 years, the Parcours de Femmes association has been actively involved in the social reinsertion of people in difficulty, thanks to support for professional integration, support for parenthood, the fight against domestic violence and the maintenance of social link.

The “Self-esteem” project allows 12 women to benefit from workshops dedicated to initiating change and self-revaluation, led by a psychologist (Liana KANEVA) and a social worker (Lise TERRADE).

A first group of beneficiaries was able to participate in 4.5 days of workshops at the end of 2021, around a multitude of objectives (recovering a suitable self-esteem, agreeing to talk about themselves in a group and therefore reflecting on their behavior without feeling stigmatized, creating social ties, regaining self-confidence, etc.). Benevolence, positivity and the initiation of change were the key words of this first wave of workshops. The next group will attend 4.5 other sessions during March 2022.


icole Raye, President and Céline Mathian, Director: “We wanted to open this action to a wide audience: anyone encountering difficulties may want to work on their self-esteem and thus promote their daily development. If the association remains in the collective imagination an association supporting women victims of domestic violence, we also try to support anyone in social, financial, professional or personal precariousness. It should also be remembered that Parcours de Femmes is above all a place of sharing, for women of course, but not only!”


polline Crapiz, administrator of the Cannes Foundation: “Self-esteem is the basis of personal development, it is what allows you to project yourself, to create and to open up to others. It should also be remembered that the keys to our society of tomorrow lie in the education and support of the younger generations: promoting the well-being of parents also makes it possible to take care of the child.”


iana Kaneva, psychologist and Lise Terrade, social worker: “Feelings but also beliefs about oneself are essential for everyone’s self-esteem. Low self-esteem often makes the person more vulnerable. How to be a mother? How to be friend? How to be a co-worker? These questions emerged quickly and allowed us to establish the link between low self-esteem and social and psychological difficulties.

The feeling of psychic security makes it possible to have a secure relationship with the environment. It is on the condition of having found it that the adult subject will be able to reclaim his qualities but above all accept his imperfections, without losing his self-esteem, and thus feel legitimate in the place he occupies. This project makes it possible to accompany these people in the beginning of a change.”

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