Partnership with canneseries in order to invite 17 young people from the local mission

On Friday April 1, the opening day of the canneseries, these young people from Cannes were able to attend two sessions at the Espace Miramar, before walking on the steps of the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes at the end of day

The partnership between Canneseries and the Cannes Foundation has thus enabled these young people followed by the Local Mission in their “youth engagement contract” program to discover new professions and perspectives through the series

Studio Fortiche, “Dreams” Series and evening screening invitation

Friday April 1 was the first day of Canneseries. The Festival, already open to the general public, accessible to all freely, progresses each year in its desire to give as many people as possible access to this part of culture that deals with the world of series.

In 2022, Canneséries entered into a partnership with the Foundation to invite groups of young people from Cannes to various sessions. 17 young people from the Local Mission were thus able to attend the Friday afternoon meetings:

  • Discussion with the Fortiche animation studio, in particular with the co-founders and directors of the famous “Arcane” series: Pascal Charrue and Arnaud Delord, moderated by Thomas Destouches, of Télécâble Sat Hebdo. Fortiche is an animation and creation studio located in Paris, Montpellier and Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) which has more than 300 in-house talents in all fields. The studio’s unique graphic style mixing 2D and 3D media creates the #ForticheTouch. Arcane is its first series produced in collaboration with Riot Games.
  • Screening of the first episode of the “Dreams” series followed by a meeting with directors Pascal Catheland and Arthur Perole, moderated by Thomas Destouches, from Télécâble Sat Hebdo.

>> How do you imagine the future? What do you want to dream about? During a turbulent school year marked by the covid19 pandemic, 14-year-old middle school students talk about their teenage life constrained by an unprecedented health crisis. They try to project themselves into the future despite a worrying state of the world and tell the period of transformation from childhood to adulthood. As they unfold, the need to party arises, to dance and get away from it all together! Dreams of teenagers in 2021…A documentary series in 4 episodes of 25 minutes.

Sessions allowing to open new horizons, to benefit from the sharing of experience of professionals, while stimulating everyone’s critical spirit!


e attended more than two and a half hours of meetings and discussions that afternoon. Very diverse interventions: between fascination with the world of animation and astonishment at the relevance of the remarks of the young teenagers in the “Dreams” series, our minds were wandered all over the place.
> Fortiche: 6 years of production for the first season of the Arcane series, discovery of the multitude of professions that make up the team, and screening of extracts from the famous series.
> Dreams: a series produced in a school in Draguignan, highlighting all the thoughts, reflections and aspirations of a group of young teenagers in the midst of the pandemic… Strong astonishment linked to the awareness that these young people have about all the problems, paradoxes and challenges that the world encounters today (omnipresence of social networks to the detriment of human contact, stupidity and even human madness, anxiety linked to the environmental context and heavy burden generated by errors past of other generations…among others!).

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