Inauguration of the MicroFolie in Cannes

A digital museum in Cannes now open to the general public

The digital museum of Micro-Folie brings together several thousand masterpieces offering an unprecedented cultural offer.

Thursday 23 June 22 was held the inauguration of the Micro-Folie at the Espaces Mimont Cannes, hosted by Monique Mabilot-Gras, President of the Association du Logis des Jeunes de Provence, as well as its director Pascale Leyrat (among other speakers and their many repeated thanks to each other, funding partners and all stakeholders who participated directly or indirectly in this inauguration).

A MicroFolie now open to the general public, which aims to participate in the fight against the digital and cultural divide, and which not only offers the projection and study of various art works, but also diverse fun and educational workshops, going as far as to the use of virtual reality headsets.

Delphine, cultural mediator, will animate this Micro-Folie on a daily basis, which will be enriched by other additional digital spaces such as a FabLab very soon.

We should also note the involvement of the residents of EspacesMimont, in particular the young pastry chef Stelye Ada Obiang who voluntarily prepared a delicious buffet, as well as Channoo Aashik, Hubert Pierre Louis and Fabrice Duval who welcomed the guests with enthusiasm and elegance.

A project that was made possible thanks to numerous partners, including the Cannes Foundation, which provided €12,000 (including €2,000 thanks to a targeted contribution from the Cannes association Cannes Is Up) for the project.

If you too want to support this action, you can donate HERE.

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