Project “PRIME” Kick-off

Official launch of the “PRIME” project supported by the Cannes Endowment Fund and the Cannes Foundation – A project signed NaturDive and BlueLeaf Conservation

Press operation with pupils from the Marine Educational Area of ​​Mouré Rouge, as well as partners and sponsors of the project.

Do we need to present again the PRIME project?

Flagship project of the Cannes Endowment Fund as the first project supported as part of its local environmental approach, PRIME was officially launched on Thursday, October 6, with the students from the Marine Educational Area of ​​Mouré Rouge.

PRIME, acronym for “Posidonia Restauration Initiative for a resilient Mediterranean Ecosystem” is not just about restoring Posidonia. It is about raising awareness, preserving, protecting and restoring: a holistic vision that links the social and environmental axis.

3 modules make it possible to decline this vision:
🔹 preserve the existing posidonia through education, awareness but also monitoring. The education component is mainly made up of the animation of the Marine Educational Area of ​​Mouré Rouge. Present during the press operation, these students, from the Marcel Pagnol school and constituting the 4th generation of the AME du Mouré Rouge, were able to tell us about the major importance of this “lung of the Mediterranean”;
🔹 preserve the existing Posidonia through the establishment of ecological moorings, allowing to reduce the pressure of the anchorages on the seagrass meadows and aiming for a future low-carbon certification of the project. A certification that will attract private funders wishing to offset carbon emissions through one of the first “blue carbon” projects in the Mediterranean;
🔹 restore the damaged posidonia: a step that will be started in the next few weeks between the islands of Ste Marguerite and St Honorat.

€20,000: these are the donations already given since 2021 by the Cannes Foundation and the Cannes Endowment Fund to support this social and environmental project. Funds that will intensify in the years to come, thanks to the mobilization of all the economic players in Cannes.

Many speakers were present for the occasion (notably sponsors and partners), all committed to recalling the major importance of preserving the exceptional setting of Cannes and its local natural heritage:

  • NaturDive and BlueLeaf Conservation, operational leaders of the project,
  • Mrs Joëlle ARINI – accompanied by Mr Jérôme Combet, Deputy Mayor of Cannes in charge of education, public instruction and early childhood,
  • Mrs. Anny COURTADE, Administrator and Founder of the Cannes Endowment Fund and the Cannes Foundation,
  • Mr. Régis COURVOISIER, Communication Director of the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès of Cannes,
  • Mr. Jean-Michel BARONE, Cannes Circumscription Pedagogical Advisor of the Academy of Nice.

Link to the dedicated project page on the NaturDive website:


press operation which also aims to raise awareness and mobilize all Cannes actors, individuals and companies, to support this meaningful project.

So, you too, get involved and help us preserve the marine environment!


If you too want to support this action, you can donate HERE.

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