An upcycled pencil case for every first year primary student in Cannes!


An action carried out by GreenBee event upcycling

GreenBee events upcycling

October 2022 – September 2024

Environment – Education

Eco-school children is a local project aiming to raise awareness among younger generations on the themes of the circular economy and recovery by extending the lifespan (upycling) of plastic waste.

The objective of the initiative is to offer all school children in Cannes, for their first start of school, a pencil case, an emblematic element of schooling, which also carries environmental and social values through their manufacture. Indeed, each pencil case offered will have been produced by Résines Estérel (structure for Integration through Economic Activity) from tarpaulins retrieved from Cannes congresses and events held during the year.

I – Recovery of basic materials (events) and production of 500 pencil cases:

  • Collection of materials during a 2022/2023 events being held in Cannes (printed pvc tarpaulins) by GreenBee in collaboration with the SEMEC and a congress organizer
  • Delivery of these materials to the Resines Esterel workshop
  • Pencil cases tailoring by the eco-leather goods/sewing workshop of Résines Esterel (local IAE structure)

II – Production of an educational video showing the main stages of the project (GreenBee): visualization of the tarpaulins during a trade show, recovery of materials, production, delivery of pencil cases

III – Facilitation of an awareness workshop (by GreenBee) on upcycling, circular economy and sustainable solutions with students from the Maurice Alice school

IV – Donation of pencil cases at the start of the 2023/24 school year to all CPs in Cannes, by the Cannes Foundation accompanied by the City of Cannes

Our objective is to be able to repeat this action and to perpetuate it: we need your help, make a donation!