Break with the daily isolation of hospitalized children

Financing the annual travel for sick or hospitalized children


Association Adrien

Association Adrien

Since 2015


The goal of the Adrien charity is to help children facing any form of serious illness and to provide them with better hospital conditions.

The association helps families whose children suffer from serious pathologies, and who have to face many difficulties: distance between children and their families during hospitalizations, long school breaks, parental work interruption, financial difficulties, social isolation…

The objective of the Adrien association is to create and perpetuate a link with families affected by serious or even incurable diseases to:

  • bring well-being to children and families,
  • break with isolation and the harshness of everyday life,
  • provide listening and advice on administrative procedures.

For several years now, the Cannes Foundation has financed the annual trip organized by the association for children and their families (all the trip is taken in charge by the Cannes Fundation and the charity) to improve their morale and allow them to reunite with their family (the distance is often due to hospitalization).

Our goal is to be able to continue to allow the realization of these activities, which help these hospitalized children to get better, as well as their families.