Discovery of the Lérins Islands

Participation of families from Bocca Nord in a privileged day in the Lérins Islands


A synergistic action led by Cannes Jeunesse


Cannes Jeunesse x Parcours de Femmes x Secours Populaire x  Centre Social Cœur Ranguin

30th of May, 2018

Culture – Sport

In the general dynamic of making Cannes maritime heritage accessible and attractive to the majority people from Cannes, the Cannes Foundation, thanks to your donations, has enabled 30 families to come and participate alongside their children or little brothers or sisters in the magnificent day organized by Cannes Jeunesse during the opening of the famous buried trunk (20 years ago, little Cannes residents had buried a trunk with writings and drawings on Sainte-Marguerite island – trunk unearthed on this day of the 30th of May 2018).

These families had been previously identified by partner associations in the project (Parcours de Femmes, Secours Populaire, Social Center in the heart of Ranguin), making it possible to invite families whose crossing to the Lérins Islands generally represents a real budgetary constraint.

The Foundation’s participation made it possible to finance the registration of children for all activities as well as their parents’ crossing to the islands.