Fight against illiteracy in primary school

support for academic success
THE “Coup de Pouce” CLUBS

Coup de Pouce x Ligue FOLAM

Since 2016-2017


Researchers tell that academic success is often played out in the first years of children’s schooling, in particular by the success of children in reading and writing in the Preparatory Course (CP).

Not all children come to school with the same baggage: some need extra help in class. Indeed, even today inequalities in educational level are visible from the early grades: they are often linked to the fact that some children have few opportunities to reinvest basic knowledge in their usual environment and to develop appetence, motivation and self-confidence needed to succeed in school. (source: Observatory of inequalities – August 2019)

The “Coup de Pouce” Association has modeled the extra-curricular actions “Coup de Pouce clubs” and offers its engineering and tools to cities and schools in France for their implementation.

Each club is made up of 5 children (identified as fragile by the teachers) and a facilitator (trained and equipped) who meet from November to June, 3 times a week, in the evening after class, in the school premises, to fun and ritualized sessions promoting the desire and pleasure of learning. Parents are involved in the life of the club throughout the year.
The action is free for the children and their parents.

The Coup de Pouce scheme is the result of a local partnership that mobilizes the municipality and schools with the help of the Coup de Pouce Association. In Cannes, the clubs are supported by the League of teaching of the Maritime Alps.

It is thanks to the donors of the Cannes Foundation that the Coup de Pouce action exists today in Cannes.

  • Coup de Pouce CLÉ (since 2017-2018) : 4 Reading-Writing clubs for first-grade children at Mistral, St Exupéry and Pagnol schools (2 clubs).
  • Coup de Pouce CLA (launch in January 2021): 2 spoken LAngage clubs for children in kindergarten to Maurice Alice and René Goscinny.

The clubs are located in schools in the priority districts of Cannes according to the needs identified by the National Education.

Each of the Coup de Pouce clubs represents a total cost of 5,000 € per year.

Our goal is to be able to support existing Clubs every year, and to be able to develop this action in the city in the future.