Fighting against the isolation of patients suffering from chronic pathologies

Helping patients to live better with their chronic pathology

The healthy workshops and weekends of “Art de Vivre”


Art de Vivre

Since 2016


Created in 2006 by Doctor Paul Simonet, the “Art de Vivre” association is a partner of the Cannes Hospital Center through an agreement which aims to provide comprehensive and coordinated care for people with chronic pathology.

The objectives are to prevent the effects of the disease on social and psychological life and reciprocally to try to find in one’s environment the resources to better manage one’s disease.

Because chronic disease can be the source of multiple repercussions in terms of social withdrawal, psychological vulnerability, material insecurity and medical fragility, the association offers:

– therapeutic workshops to improve personal well-being and quality of life,

– as well as moments of listening and discussion.

The goal of these groups is the fight against isolation and depression, re-socialization and openness to a voluntary or professional recovery.

Since 2016, the Cannes Foundation has supported the Art de Vivre association for the organization of Health Weekends, in nature in the surroundings of Cannes.

Our goal is to be able to increase the number of health weekends and workshops allowing these people to achieve a better level of well-being, leading to a better integration in society.