Leaving the neighbourdhoods to discover the mountains

FROM NeighboUrhoods TO the top


Des quartiers au sommet


Sport – Environment

“From neighborhoods to the top” is an educational project whose main objective is to allow students educated in REP establishments to leave their neighborhoods for a week to immerse themselves in an environment that is mostly completely unknown to them: the mountain.

15 middle school students from the “Les Mûriers” school in Cannes La Bocca (06) were able to take part in this great human and environmental adventure. The latter allows 5th graders to hike through the Corsican massif to reach the summit of Monte Cinto. The entire project constitutes the main core of an unprecedented audiovisual documentary, with the exceptional participation of Nadir Dendoune as sponsor of the adventure.


I. Discovery of the novel “A loser on the roof of the world” by Nadir Dendoune and meeting with the author

II. Preparation challenges in urban areas (April-May 2022):

  • distance challenge (walking with all the equipment)
  • elevation challenge (climb as much elevation as possible)
  • environmental challenge (eco-hiking: collection of waste and observation of flora/fauna)
  • challenge knowledge of the mountain environment
  • “surprise” challenge proposed by the other school

III. “Buissonnière” school hiking in the heart of the Corsican massif (July 4 to 10, 2022) with various animators and production of an audiovisual documentary. A report from the show Tout le Sport on France 3 will also be shot in Cannes and Corsica for broadcast in July 2022.

  • Monday 4: Transfer and arrival in Corsica by ferry
  • Tuesday 5: Hike to reach the base camp of the bivouac at the Tighjettu refuge (6 kms)
  • Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7: 4 half-day workshops with a specific speaker for each group of students according to the themes:
    >> Guillaume Peretti, Corsican athlete, former record holder of the GR20 – sport in nature
    >> Berger de Ballone – agropastoralism
    >> Guardian of the Tighjettu refuge – mountain life and tourism
    >> Animator of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica – wildlife
  • Friday 8: ascent of Monte Cinto (9 km) and evening of Corsican songs
  • Saturday 9: last hike around La Bocca di Foggialle (13 kms) to reach transport
  • Sunday 10: Transfers and return of college students


> School dimension

  • Reading and study of the novel “A loser on the roof of the world” and its film adaptation
  • Production of an audio podcast
  • Discovery in class of various “Travel diaries” and writing of an individual travel diary for each student. Quiet time will be set aside each evening for the front-end writing of the individual logbook. The travel diary can be supplemented with various photos, information brochures, ferry tickets, train tickets, etc.

> Sporty dimension

  • students will have the opportunity to develop their physical practice by taking up various challenges (phase 2)
  • Then the practice of sport will be honored during the various days of hiking and in particular during the final ascent to 2706 meters, or during the meeting with Guillaume Peretti.

> Environmental and cultural dimension

  • Ré-exploitation du matériel de randonnée dans les établissements pour les prochaines rentrées scolaires
  • Découverte de la montagne par un fichier de connaissance + quizz interactif
  • Rencontre avec le berger de Ballone et définition de l’agropastoralisme
  • Découverte du folklore corse : chants corse
  • Observation et sensibilisation à la faune/flore et de l’impact des hommes

> Leisure dimension

  • During all the preparation, the different learnings and challenges will be built in a playful way. The students being volunteers, it is not a question of adding a substantial workload to them, but of making them discover little by little the universe in which they will be immersed for a whole week.
  • Night vigils (games, songs, readings of tales and legends) will strengthen the bonds between the members of the group.

Our goal is to ensure the launch of this new operation so that more young Cannes residents can benefit from it in the future.