Marine Educational Area of ​​the “Mouré Rouge”

RAISING THE AWARENESS of the young generations of Cannes to know and preserve the local marine environment


October 2021 – June 2022


This project accompany a class of CM2 children (primary school) in Cannes in an eco-citizenship approach allowing them to discover and better know their environment – and in particular the marine environment and the coast – while becoming aware of their role in its preservation.

An “educational marine area” (AME) is a small coastal maritime area managed in a participatory manner by the pupils and teachers of a primary school (here Marcel Pagnol) according to principles defined by a charter. It is an educational and eco-citizen project aimed at promoting the enrichment of knowledge and the protection of the marine environment by young audiences. It is also an opportunity for this class to meet local users: fishermen, nautical bases, restaurateurs, residents and much more!

Three axes structure the “Aire Marine Educative” label:

  • Knowing the sea: acquiring knowledge about the marine environment
  • Living the sea: meeting sea professionals and allowing the transmission of knowledge between generations
  • Managing the sea: proposing management measures and organizing monitoring of the “AME”

During the school year, various activities and missions are carried out by the students:

  • Rediscovery of the AME (port of Mouré Rouge), state of play, meeting with users and interview prepared by the students to enrich the virtual visit on the cultural heritage of AME
  • Enrichment of the collection of documentaries on the species present and their habitat in order to continue the AME inventory, the students also wish to initiate a seaweed herbarium
  • Questioning on fishing and the management of fishery resources (collaboration with the Cannes prud’homie in progress following the meeting with the artisan fisherman of the port)
  • Creation of the AME TV newspaper
  • Establishment of the student council for the sea
  • Exchanges and collaboration with other AMEs
  • Assessment of the ecological state of the marine environment and waste collection following well-defined protocols
  • PMT discovery or diving initiation on the AME at the end of the year (June 2022)

Our objective is to be able to perpetuate and extend this action more widely