Micro Folie: a digital museum to give access to culture to all

Opening of a « micro folie » in Cannes
Logis des Jeunes de Provence Mimont

Logis des Jeunes de Provence Mimont

Opening in 2022

Culture – Digital – Heritage

The national Micro-Folie program, a cultural initiative supported by the Ministry of Culture and coordinated by La Villette, will be launched in 2022 in Cannes within the Logis des Jeunes de Provence in the city center, in coordination with the services of the Culture of the City of Cannes. Project co-financed by the Department and the City of Cannes, this immersive cultural space needed a final boost to see the light of day: the Foundation’s support, to the tune of € 12,000, enables the project to be finalized. The entire budget will enable the opening of an immersive cultural space, open to all, free of access, and offering the possibility of discovering works of world heritage, directly from our seats in Cannes.

Bringing together several thousand masterpieces from numerous institutions and museums, national and international, this digital art gallery is a unique cultural offer.

Its originality besides its digital aspect? The way to visit it: completely flexible, it is suitable for free access with tablets, in groups with the animation of a cultural mediator or for hosting school groups or specialized structures.

A place that will both give access to culture to as many people as possible, and familiarize the entire population with new technologies (screens, tablets, and ultimately, virtual reality), by addressing the issue of the digital divide.

Our goal is to be able to support and develop these cultural initiatives in order to allow everyone to have access to them.