Promote access to culture through music

Promote access to culture through music
Cannes Symphony Orchestra (ORCPACA)

Cannes Symphony Orchestra (ORCPACA)

Since 2015

Education – Culture – Music

The Cannes regional orchestra is a figure in the local cultural landscape. It is also strongly committed and involved in providing access to classical music culture to young listeners and people at risk of social exclusion.

Thanks to the support of the Cannes Foundation, the Cannes Orchestra offers the opportunity for one primary school class (per year) to build an artistic and cultural education project based on the study of a contemporary musical work. Throughout the year, the students thus have the opportunity to follow one workshop per month organized by the Cannes Orchestra (discovery of the different professions and instruments, meeting with the composer, attending rehearsals). On the evening of the concert of the studied work the fruit of their labor is exhibited in the hall of the theater, and above all, the children have the opportunity to welcome the public and present the program.

The support of the Cannes Foundation made it possible to finance a second project led by the Cannes Orchestra: the creation of a digital educational kit, allowing a wider awareness of classical music, through virtual workshops to discover the world of an Orchestra.

In 2021, a new project supported by the Cannes Foundation saw the light of day: ClassiQuizz. 11 extracts, 16 sessions, 42 hours to introduce symphonic music to 13 high school students. The objective is to allow them to appropriate the 11 extracts in a fun way but nevertheless by organizing some work, listening and participating in the production of a common sound with a symphony orchestra. The high school students, divided into three groups, were able to learn to play on cans, djembes or small percussion instruments and had the opportunity to take part in the concert on stage, in the middle of the Cannes Orchestra. A project aimed at young Cannes residents far from classical music, which allowed them to put a foot into the world of the Orchestra.

These projects allow children to awaken to the richness produced by an Orchestra, and allow greater access to this musical culture.

Our goal is to be able to support and develop these initiatives in order to raise the awareness of as many people as possible to this world, which is sometimes not very accessible for some