Reconnect with the professional world through sailing

Discovery of sailing, local heritage and nautical professions for these young people far from employment
“Nautical Professions, here we come”: AN ACTION CARRIED OUT BY Cannes Jeunesse

Cannes Jeunesse
x Mission Locale x PLIE x UFCM x Centre Social de la Frayère

October 10th, 2021

Sport x Professional insertion x Local heritage x Environment

Aged from 16 to 30, forty young Cannes residents from QPV (political districts of the city) who have not yet identified a professional project, were able to participate in this “Nautical professions, here we come” day on Sunday 10 October. A project led by Cannes Jeunesse with the aim of accompanying participants on a day of discovery of sailing, local heritage and nautical professions.

A multifaceted project

  • A day of navigation

The 40 participants were able, throughout the day, to go sailing aboard the Cannes Jeunesse boats: a first for many of them, who were able to discover sport and its values, sailing, and the importance of protecting the sea and the coast. The sea, a playground for sailors, was highlighted during this day, thanks to the sharing of good practices and awareness of environmental protection.

  • A navigation under the cultural sign of the discovery of heritage.

A cultural mediator joined the project throughout the day: the participants were therefore able to benefit from stories about the legends of the Lérins Islands, their history, but also discoveries and learning about the flora and fauna present. on this archipelago. Finally, this navigation was also an opportunity to rediscover the heritage of Cannes, seen from the sea.

  • A day of sharing around the nautical professions.

Nautical professionals were also present on board: several professionals identified by Cannes Jeunesse were able to ensure a presence throughout the day, allowing informal exchanges during navigation, or even lunch, while making participants discover the extent of the jobs in this branch, which is well developed in the Cannes basin. Friendly moments, especially during lunch, allowed professionals to present and discuss their backgrounds, the difficulties encountered in their lives, and the opportunities they have found in the nautical world. A day that certainly gave birth to vocations in each of the groups identified by the partners (local mission, multi-year local plan for the integration and employment of Cannes Pays de Lérins (PLIE), Cannes Mediterranean Training Unit (UFCM), Center social de la Frayère)!