Rediscovering nature through gardening in community

Everyone is looking for their garden

An action held by the Atelier du 06

L’Atelier du 06

Oct. 2022 – June 2024


Everyone is looking for their garden is a local project consisting in the animation of a shared garden in the Parc des Vallergues allowing the awareness of the young generations and the inhabitants of the district to gardening, composting and consumption of local products while creating moments of sharing.

The project, which is spread over two years, has key moments:

  1. October 2022 – December 2022 (and same as October – December 2023): Contact with the 4 classes, meeting with the teachers and the management of the school to determine a schedule, educational objectives and the objective of final achievement; first meetings in the garden;
  2. January – February 2023 (and same as January-February 2024): Short break in the garden (weather conditions; intervention by the class leader on activities related to the garden);
  3. March – June 2023 (and same as March-June 2024): Classes return to the garden on their plots each week. One group works with the animator, one group with the teacher and one group with a parent or a volunteer from the association. Each class works to carry out an action based on the garden: realization in plastic art, etc. Moments of sharing in the garden with the parents are also planned.

A social, educational and environmental project, which aims to:

  • Introduce adults, families, students, parents, teachers, to Mediterranean nature and gardening;
  • Enrich the child’s skills in various disciplines: time, space, geography, history, natural sciences, dietetics, etc.;
  • Enrich the child’s skills in cross-disciplinary fields: behavior, sharing, respect for instructions;
  • Share moments of conviviality in the shared garden through events: fair, garden party;
  • Bring together parents and children from various structures and different social backgrounds in the neighborhood: school, college, Charles Vincent association, La Ruche;
  • Introduce and practice gardening and composting techniques;
  • Allow low-income families to eat good vegetables and good aromatic plants;
  • It is also a way of making known and recognized the urban and peri-urban public space.

Our objective is to be able to repeat this action and to perpetuate it: we need your help, make a donation!