Sailing as a symbol of the field of possibilities

“all women on board” : an action led by 4myplanet – alexia Barrier

Alexia Barrier – 4myplanet x Parcours de Femmes

September 21st, 2021


The “all women aboard” project is led by Alexia Barrier to enable twenty women followed by the Cannes charity “Parcours de Femmes” to spend a day sailing aboard the Imoca 4myplanet, but also to discover yoga with Carole Simon or freediving with Julie Gautier. A project that combines sport, environment, and women solidarity.

It was in partnership with the Parcours de Femme association that the sailor, 24th in the Vendée Globe 2020, wanted to organize this day. The objective was to reveal the potential and the talent of women in lack of confidence, to offer them a moment of escape, by evacuating all negative energy, and above all to make them spend an unforgettable day alongside local female talents.

These women were thus able to discover sailing on Alexia’s boat thanks to a sea trip from the port of Cannes, to participate in yoga workshops with Carole Simon – Teacher and Trainer of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga – and freediving initiation, with the talented professional freediver Julie Gautier.

A meeting with 3 female talents from the French Riviera
The women present were able to discuss and share a moment with three talented people from the French Riviera:

  •  Alexia Barrier – sailing : she is an outstanding sailor who welcomes the first group: Alexia Barrier, originally from the South, finisher of the Vendée Globe 2020, is certainly an accomplished sportswoman, but also a woman with a big heart. It is her association 4myplanet which carries the project and allows these 20 women to set foot on her Imoca which traveled around the world. A navigation of 1h30, to discover sailing, the sea, while discussing with Alexia about her training, her both physical and mental preparations. A way to transpose this state of mind into everyday life and to understand that the realization of dreams is within everyone’s reach.
  • Julie Gautier and initiation into meditation and freediving.
    Julie Gautier is a professional freediver, but also a dancer, author, director. Full of talents, she now uses all her skills to express herself, and puts them at the service of art, the environment, and others. Within the project, she runs an introductory freediving workshop. She thus allows the 3 groups to stop for a moment to breathe, more precisely “learn” to breathe. Learn about meditation. Take time. To empty. To slow down. Reconcile with the contact of water sometimes, learn to control the fears by controlling the breathing. A moment of concentration and at the same time of letting go, led by a whole woman and deeply linked to the marine environment.
  • Yoga discovering with Carole Simon. Introduced to yoga and meditation at a young age, Carole has been teaching for more than 12 years. Twelve years to pass on her passion, as she does on September 21 on Île Ste Marguerite. She animates a yoga discovery workshop: a practice that allows her to leave her physical and emotional tensions on her mat, to release her surplus energy, to regain vitality and sometimes even to find inspiration to let go of her creativity… This is what she transmits through her discipline. Teaching these women in front of her to release their tensions on their mat, to take time, to take a break, to reconnect with nature, with themselves. A workshop full of kindness, gentleness, and authenticity, which completes a perfect loop between the 3 workshops of the day.

A common concern: the protection of seas and oceans
Through this project, the speakers also aim to raise awareness of the protection of seas and oceans and will take advantage of moments of discussion to share their environmental knowledge and raise awareness, through their discipline, of the environment that we surrounds and the need to preserve it. Their positions and passions allow them to convey a message: that of solidarity, and that of the importance of preserving nature. Two strong messages, reflected by this beautiful project.


A project in the continuity of the 2019 edition.