The olive tree as the subject of an educational program with a social, educational and environmental aim

The child, The olive tree and the mediterranean
An action carried out by « l’atelier du 06 »

Atelier du 06

From September 2021 to June 2022

Environment – Local heritage

The financial support of the Cannes Foundation for the Atelier du 06 has enabled the association to develop its action for this 2021 2022 year, aiming to introduce a part of the local natural heritage to the children of the Cannes basin, in particular in REP schools, in QPV or specialized establishments. A global project, all about the olive tree.

A social, educational and environmental project

The olive tree, in addition to the oil it offers, is an excellent educational tool to enrich various disciplinary knowledge. The “child, olive tree and the Mediterranean” project aims to:

  • Enrich the child’s knowledge in school subjects: time, space, geography, history, natural sciences, mathematics (calculation of the ratio quantity of olive / liter of oil, mass of water / mass of oil, …)
  • Enrich the child’s skills in transversal fields: behavior, sharing, respect for instructions,
  • Share moments of conviviality at the foot of the trees,
  • Bring parents and children together,
  • Maintain olive trees by their pruning: the training sessions on the pruning of the olive tree allows an intervention on abandoned trees and thus increase their production
  • Enable low-income families to obtain olive oil at a lower cost; Olive oil once a product found in every family has now become a luxury item

It is also a way of making known and recognized the urban and peri-urban public space. 

A project that follows the seasons

  • May to September: observation of the trees (flowering / fruit setting) of the project, meeting with schools, educational interventions and preparation of olive collections.
  • October to February 2022: olive collection, transport of olives to the mill, design and production of labels for the bottles and the postcard of the project year, distribution of oils to participants in collections, oil tasting workshops in the structures. It is also the time to plant new olive trees in the project schools with the help of the environmental departments of the municipalities.
  • March-April: Pruning of the olive trees of the project by the Atelier du 06, with parents and volunteers. These people are supervised and trained by a professional.
  • May-June: This is the time to promote the project by participating in neighborhood and school festivals.

NB: each school, each class of the project receives a visit from a facilitator during each phase of the action: preparation – collection – taste workshop – recognition of flowering / fruit setting

Our objective is to be able to repeat this action and to perpetuate it: we need your help, make a donation!