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The Cannes Foundation, is first of all the symbol of a territorial solidarity. Inequalities, sometimes not that visible, are however much closer to us that one might think. They are present around the corner, in our neighborhood, in our city. Being one of the most visited and recognized French cities does not prevent Cannes from facing the challenges due to raising social and cultural inequalities.

To counter these inequalities and exclusion situations, many associations are working every day to provide an answer to these societal, economic and environemental questions. Established in Cannes, they carry essential projects to the harmonious and sustainable development of our territory and which must be supported.

Facing this situation, the Cannes Council, alongside seven local businesses and indivual donors, created the Cannes Foundation in order to provide support to these charities, and above all to enable and promote local generosity.

If the Cannes Foundation works everyday to support sustainable and concrete solutions for local developement and inclusion, it is thanks to ots dounders and administrators, but also thanks to you.


Each donation strengthens and widens the assistance offered by the Cannes Foundation.


The Cannes Foundation is distributive by nature. Its purpose is therefore to collect financial contributions, from individuals and businesses, to redistribute them to local charities carrying project if general interest in the Cannes basin.

AROUND the “childhood and education” theme

In 2021, after a covid-19 crisis that brutally shook many homes and families, the Cannes Foundation is prioritizing the childhood and education cause. Between dropping out of school, digital divide, closure of cultural spaces, discontinuity of sports activities, growth in domestic violence and child abuse, or even financial difficulties of many households, the need is urgent: the cause of childhood must be supported.

The Foundation makes possible the realization of vital projects for the good development of these children, and their future. These projects allow these children in Cannes in a situation of exclusion to reconnect with their schooling, with the values ​​inculcated through sport, to discover areas of culture that are sometimes unknown to them, to allow them a beneficial development within Cannes.


The territoriality of our Foundation also allows us to look into questions of environmental protection and sustainable development, or even the discovery of Cannes heritage.

The Foundation is also closely interested in the aspect of digital citizenship, and in the fight against digital exclusion.

Through its knowledge of the different charities in Cannes, the Foundation acts as a real hub between all the actors of the city (local or foreign residents of the city, companies, institutions, charities) and allows you to find a project whose cause is important to you so you can support it.

two goals

Create a genuine and lasting solidarity between local and foreign residents of the city who are keen to participate in the good development of Cannes.

Enable residents and businesses to effectively and concretely support the projects of their choice.

Reputed founding members, an officially recognized nonprofit organization sheltering the Cannes Foundation, and a transparent governance, for a secure and supervised sponsorship.


The Cannes Foundation is administered by an executive committee that meets quarterly to guide the Foundation’s overall strategy and to vote on the allocation of funds to selected projects.

Our Executive Committee is made up of the founding members (who are also sponsors and have supported the Cannes Foundation over the years since its creation, with a significant financial support), two expert personalities, as well as a representative of the FACE (Foundation Act Against Exclusion) that shelters the Cannes Foundation.

  • Cannes City Council
  • E. Leclerc Cannes Cœur de Ranguin (Mr Moreno being the Cannes Foundation President)
  • La Caisse d’Épargne Côte d’Azur
  • Le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes (Société d’Économie Mixte des Évènements Cannois)
  • Thales Alenia Space Cannes
  • Mrs Anny Courtade
  • Mr Claude Muller
  • Mr Max Artuso
  • The Cannes Communal Center for Social Action
  • A representative of the FACE (Act Again Exclusion Foundation)
THE CANNES FOUNDATION, SHELTERED UNDER THE   Logo FACE fondation agir contre l'exclusion

The Cannes Foundation is governed by French national law (law of July 23, 1987 amended in article 20 by the law of July 4, 1990) and sheltered by FACE (Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion), Foundation Recognized for Public Utility since 1994 and recognized as sheltering foundation since 2013.

The FACE brings together public (4 ministries are present on their Board of Directors), private and associative actors in the fight against exclusion, discrimination and poverty. For 26 years, it has been a unique meeting place for companies and public actors acting in these fields, constituting the largest French network of socially engaged companies.

FACE is an original ecosystem made up of the foundation, its network – around fifty local structures run by hundreds of employees and patrons, as well as around forty foundations under its aegis – including the Cannes Foundation.

The governance of the Cannes Foundation guarantees you secure, supervised sponsorship vehicle, whose vision is governed by founding directors with diverse profiles and recognized in their respective sectors.

The Cannes Foundation is also committed to respecting the highest standards of transparency. We monitor the progress of projects and provide sponsors with reports on grants and their use by associations as much as possible.


Mrs Anny Courtade

Mr Claude Muller


Logo FACE fondation agir contre l'exclusion

Mr Max Artuso